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    Originally Posted by PKMN Trainer S View Post
    You guys know B/W 2 had the code inside and the sprites but they were left unused. Right?
    Yeah, it used the HGSS engine rather than the Platinum engine that BW1 used.

    Another topic is... I'M TIRED OF SURFING ON MY FREAKIN' NON-EXISTENT WAILMER!! Plus, in Gen. V, it looks like your flying on a Pidove or some other non-specific bird. Seriously, if they're going to re-add walking Pokemon (or even if they aren't) they should make it so you're flying on the Pokemon your actually flying or surfing on. Wouldn't it be epic to blast off on Golurk or race away on an Yveltal or float on a Snorlax's belly? But it would also be cool if you could ride the Pokemon and get a speed boost depending on which one you're riding. For example, riding on a Arcanine's back would have to give you some sort of boost.
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