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I like the idea of a single thread where a member can make one post to thank some people, or a lot of people. I think it's with the case of there being many people someone would want to thank/appreciate/whatever that a thread would be good because then they wouldn't have to go to every single person's profile to leave a message. I'd be like giving you acceptance speech instead of calling everyone one by one. I don't think it would be any less heartfelt (after all, you're doing it in the first place) than contacting everyone individually. Individual vms could also be awkward if the person on the receiving end doesn't know what to say in response so a thread would allow them to just 'like' the post, choose not to respond if they don't want to, or start up a conversation themselves. There's less pressure, is what I'm saying.

A thread seems kind of like it would be along the lines of those blog posts that sometimes come up where someone just wants a chance to be appreciative without being so specifically thankful to each individual. And, you know, not trying to take a perk away from members with blogs, but appreciation to your fellow members is probably something we want to encourage as much as possible.
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