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Hey everyone! I'm on my phone right now so I can't give a full update but I will say that I beat the challenge! I'll give the full rundown tomorrow when I get full access to the internet. Here are my ending party members:

Okay, I'm back! I'm going to give a small description of what happened during the pokemon league because I don't really remember my journey that well (and I'm doing homework).

Pokemon LeafGreen
Number of Badges:
8 and Elite Four defeated


*After getting Gengar up a few levels, I went through the tower and saved Fugi, who gave me the Pokeflute
*Taught Jimmy cut and went back to Celadon to get Fly and the tea from the old lady
*Went through Saffron thanks to giving the guard the tea and back to Lavender
*Took the route down from Lavender, defeated Snorlax (and a lot of trainers) and made it to Fuchsia, where I automatically went to the Safari Zone to catch some extra pokemon (including a Doduo that I taught fly)
*Using said Doduo, I went back to Pewter City to buy a ton of potions (like, 50-60 of them) and then back to Fuchsia, where I went to the Pokecenter and then gym
*Fought my way through and was able to win the badges
*Grabbed my Doduo and flew to my house for a quick heal (kind of cheap but the rules never said anything against it lol)
*Taught Bonnie Surf and then went to Seafoam Island, quickly got through it and went to Cinnabar Island
*Went through the Mansion, catching a few extra fire Pokemon (in case I didn't want to use the ones I had)
*On to the gym, where I got all the questions wrong no purpose to try and level up Donna (was able to get her up 3 levels!) but she was ultimately defeated by Blaine, who I took down using Mike (thanks to Flash Fire and Quick Attack)
*Bill came by and grabbed me (against my will) and took me to first island, where I had healed and had to go through each island to help the locals. Saved the little girl, gave the meteorite away and caught Moltres (Thanks to Donna's Hypnosis)
*Back to Kanto, I went to my moms to heal and then went to the Viridian Gym, where I almost lost but was able to prevail thanks to Donna's Hypnosis and Dream Eater!
*Was able to beat the Rival again without even having to heal my team (but I did heal them after the fight) and then went through Victory Road and into the Indigo Plateau
*Healed there and bought my extra supplies (per the rules; 10 Full Restores and 10 Revives), taught my Pokemon some different moves with TMs and then went to fight the E4
*First was Lorelei, who almost completely beat my team right off the bat. If it wasn't for Hypnosis, her Lapras would have killed off everyone in my team. Healed my Pokemon and then continued off to the next room
*Bruno was pretty much a walk in the park compared to Lorelei, where I only had to use Bonnie on his Onix and Donna on his Fighting type
*Same as Bruno, Agatha was easy. Donna for ghost and Amber for the rest
*On to Lance, where I was able to Barely win thanks to Donna being immune to Hyper Beam (Yay!) and a critical hit Shadow Ball
*Once again, the champion was easy, with none of my Pokemon even dying
*After all of that, I became the Pokemon Champion!

Final Team:


Kyle the Charmeleon- Level 56


Ability: Blaze
Moves: Slash, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Metal Claw

Amber the Golem- Level 54
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Strength, Magnitude, Rock Blast, Earthquake

Jimmy the Pinsir- Level 50
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Moves: Vicegrip, Brick Break, Cut, Sword Dance

Mike the Flareon- Level 52
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Bite, Smog, Flamethrower, Quick Attack

Bonnie the Nidoqueen- Level 56
Ability: Poison Point
Moves: Body Slam, Shock Wave, Surf, SuperPower

Donna the Gengar- Level 56
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater

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