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Hello all, today i present to you my hack project. I saw that almost all hacks that were started here died. I wanted to make my own hack to offer to the community. I decided to start by gathering a team of devoted helpers. I always wanted to produce a very good hack that members would enjoy playing and that won't die. That's the main reason i am here.
Pokemon : The Legend of Azeon

Hack of Fire Red
In the region of Azeon, there was said to have two legendary guardians: the Evil Guardian Giratina and the Purity Guardian Lugia. Long ago, the leader of Team Destroyer, an evil organization that wanted to take over the world, decided to search after the Guardian of Evil to help him. After finding it, he decided to summon the legendary. But, the pokémon was way too strong for the leader to contain it. It then escaped and began to destroy cities. This awakened Lugia who came to the League Champion and helped him. Along with Lugia, the Champion fought Giratina with all his might and closed this pokémon in the Hollow World who was an alternate dimension who contained all the evil pokémon. After Lugia gave the Champion a special spell to summon whenever he needed help.

Team Destroyer reformed itself with the help of the grandson of the previous leader. They created a device who would help them gain the control over Giratina. They now decided to search for the portal who leads in the Hollow World.
*I know what you guys are telling yourselves. Where is the player? There is the answer.*
The player is the son/daughter of a former member of Team Destroyer who lost both his parents in the fight of Giratina against Lugia. He was raised by his aunt. He grew up, despising the Champion and when he heard that Team wanted to recruit new grunts, he decided to prove himself worthy of their trust by becoming stronger and beating the gym leaders. He found a wounded Riolu on his path and captured him. After he healed the pokémon, he began his quest. More to come...
-New region : Azeon
-NPCs icon in message box
-New battle system graphics(not 100% sure)
-Custom menu(not 100% sure)
-Updated graphics
-Maybe new tiles.
I can't make this alone, that's why i want you guys help. I need :
-Spriter(OW and normal)(1 spot left)
-Tilers(1 spot left)
-Music Composer(1 spot left)
-Banner maker(1 spot left)
-Title Screen Hacker(1 spot left)
If you have any talents that aren't listed above, do not hesitate to join. All help will be appreciated.
Applying as
Proof of work
Contact Info
Will you be devoted and active?
-JNathan(Storyliner/part mapper)
-Pepster98(Co-leader/All-around hacker)
-gogojjtech(All-around hacker/ ASM specialist)
-Patrick Symus(Scripter)

Thank you for reading and maybe applying!
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