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    Update 5...
    We plowed through the ice path like a bunch of piloswine, picking up waterfall on the way through. Once we hit Blackthorn City we scaled the mountain to fight any and every trained to get some good experience going into the gym battle with Clair. She's always been pretty tough, especially when you dont have a type advantage like I dont. It took some healing and maybe a revive or two, but we won and entered the cavern to be tested on our real pokemon training skills.

    We passed the test, got the dragon fang and exited the dratini fest inside. Next up was to go catch Lugia! But we took a detour and whooped on the kimono girls first. We didnt spend much time searching around at whirl islands, we just took the quick route to Lugia and fired a masterball at it and dipped. I tried using ultra balls at first, but I wasn't tryna spend 2 hours trying to catch a legendary. I never use my masterball during real gameplay!

    Off to Kanto we went and caught our final member of the team, Ponyta and named her Rush! She evolved quickly into Rapidash and after some nice grinding in Victory Road, we were ready for the pokemon league. Will was really easy as Sudowoodo and Haunter had some good matchups. Koga was defeated easily with some nice EQ's from Tauros and some Fire Blasts as well. Haunter had a field day beating Brunos entire team with Hypnosis and Dream Eaters. Then Katherine(I think?) proved to be pretty tough but Cedar and Lextank kicked some dark butt

    Then Lance....
    Sudowoodo proved himslef this match DESTROYING the competition with some rockslides!! Miltank too, that body slam wass terrific for slowing down those dragonites for me, and Tauros Intimidate really played a role too. We won!

    Cedar the Sudowoodo and Lextank the Miltank share the MVP trophy for the Johto region, but Haunter comes a close second.

    I've decided to evolve Haunter, just because it's time. And Onix..I'm thinking about finding another pokemon on our way West (East, to Kanto) because that base 50 attack isn't doin me too hot. And Steelix can suck it.
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