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    ∣ PROJECT: Eris
    Rustboro Ruins

    Chapter One: Part Nine
    Ashes of Beauty

    "So, do you have any specific destination or are you just aimlessly plotting?"

    He led her over and the girl from earlier was pouring something that smelled pretty good into some bowls. Eris found a place to seat herself, her skin (very slowly) returning to its regular complexion. "I've just been following the paths... I don't know my way around anywhere except the small forest outside the lab... And we're far from there..." She fidgeted in her seat, seemingly a bit flustered. "It's not easy going to places you don't know about... Even if they look gorgeous..." She sighed a bit, resting her head over one hand. "I'll admit my time out here hasn't been easy... But I don't know different, other than being held prisoner in that awful place..." She fidgeted in place. "I-I'm sorry if I say something weird... I wasn't taught much except how to fight... I don't know what's normal."

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