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    "I wouldn't know much about normality. Everyone I've ever known has put fighting above anything else. Everyone seems to love the idea to duking it out with others using their Pokemon. I on the other hand really love learning. I'm constantly studying and finding new information."

    "Um, Cache, sir? Ma'am? If you'd like, we could head over to the Rustboro Tunnel. I heard a couple trainers talking about how the tunnel collapsed and now there are rare and wild Pokemon hiding out in the nearby grass. We could go and catch some new Pokemon and strengthen our parties?" Carol took some sips of her soup while Rick thought about it. Delibird began sniffing Eris some more and deciding that she wasn't a threat, climbed over and nestled his head against her cheek. Rick noticed her skin return to a normal pigment. It was a nice shade and it brought out her eyes more, keeping his attention drawn to them more.

    "If the Rustboro Tunnel was destroyed, then that means that Team Gaia is behind it, which means we should definitely inspect in. Battling wild pokemon will be useful as well, and having to deal with some rare pokemon means that we can chance upon some powerful Pokemon. What do you say Eris?"

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