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    Hey people! the unevolved run is very very simple you cant evolve your pokemon! You can add extra rules that you can make up or my suggestions to make it harder.

    1. You may hack in your party (NO pokemon over level 5 AND No illegal movesets or egg moves! if you can find it before the 1st gym you must catch it legit.)
    2. Must have at LEAST 4 pokemon you are using (So that you must train every on of those pokemon and not just 1 main pokemon that makes the elite 4 a breeze)
    3. No evolving pokemon
    4.No hacks (Excluding 1)
    5. Emulators are allowed ( And of course the speed button )
    6. No trading pokemon
    7. must use the first stage of pokemon ( So no metagross's or pupitars either)
    8. have fun!

    optional rules:
    May only use 1 pokemon from one generation
    play it nuzlocke mode
    No held items
    May only use monotype pokemon

    The challenge ends when you:
    R/B/Y/FR/LF Defeat your Rival/Champion
    G/S/C/HG/SS Defeat Red on mount silver
    R/S/E Defeat Steven
    D/P/Pt Defeat Cynthia
    B/W Defeat Alder
    B2/W2 Defeat Iris

    Sign up sheet:
    Extra rules?:

    Ex (Mine)
    Game: Emerald
    Team: Charmander,Elekid,Magby,houndour,Cranidos
    Name: LegitRed
    Extra rules?: none


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