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Long ago... (2 Years)


After the Unova Savior became Champion he ventured even further out of his way, searching unexplored areas of the region, primarily the east side of the country. After days of traveling, the Savior showed up in a small village on a hillside. As he poked around the houses and residences. one house he entered had someone there.

A tall, blonde haired woman of stunning beauty in a beautiful black jacket stopped him as soon as he entered. She approached him and asked for a battle, the savior being the Champion could not deny her this and so they did...

After an intense battle, the Savior finally came out as victor. Having only his Alakazam left in his roster. The woman admitted to being Cynthia the former Sinnoh Champion. The Savior noted the brute strength of her Pokémon in the battle and was not surprised by her claim. She said the Savior reminded her of another strong challenger... Was it the current Champion of Sinnoh? The Savior would never know...