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Rick picked up the still full bowl of soup that Eris had left, giving it to Eris. "Here, if we do run into Team Gaia, we'll need to you fully charged. Don't go into battle on a hungry stomach." Carol put everything she collected into her satchel and got up along with them. "Yeah, and if you need some training, I'm certain Cache can give you some pointers. He's wicked strong and very smart."

Rick paid no mind to Carol's complements, focusing more on trying to understand what the limitations a Burst Warrior had. Eris seemed to have enhanced strength and speed, as well as iron endurance, probably from her steel type. But did that mean that she too was subject to the same vulnerabilities that a steel type pokemon had? Did fire hurt her the same as it hurt a magnemite?

"I don't mind having a practice match with you, though I'd like to do this in the wild. I'd rather not damage my home town more than it already has."

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