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    ∣ PROJECT: Eris
    Rustboro Ruins

    Chapter Two: Part Two
    Team Player

    "I don't mind having a practice match with you, though I'd like to do this in the wild. I'd rather not damage my home town more than it already has."

    Eris squirmed as he spoke. "Wha--? Oh, no no no... I couldn't fight you, I couldn't. I don't want to use this power on anyone who doesn't deserve it..." She accepted the bowl of soup, lifting the bowl up to her mouth and tilting it to drink. She hadn't bothered to blow on it, and was drinking the soup even while steaming. She seemed to be drinking it in a hurry, trying her best not to slow down the group. She succeeded, finishing the bowl in less than a minute, panting and catching her breath afterward. "That was delicious," she complimented, exhaling one last time and making sure her breath was balanced once more. "I'll train on the Wild Pokemon if they attack, but otherwise it wouldn't be very kind to attack the innocent ones..."

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