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Trio - Basic - Insect - Bolt
Quake - Jet - Freeze

Yana - Pansage - lv 43
Poppo - Pidgeot - lv 43
Fuu - Whimsicott - lv 43
Shizu - Crustle - lv 43
Rao - Basculin - lv 43
Maggyo - Stunfisk - lv 43

Mucked about in and around Chargestone for a while and witnessed Plasma shenanigans. Made my way out to Mistralton and met Junipapa who seemed to be having fun with Skyla. Went up and played on Route 7 and wandered between there and Chargestone while training. Suddenly--

Shizu hit level 35, learned X-Scissor, and evolved! Then Fuu hit level 35 and learned Energy Ball so I gave her a Sun Stone and she evolved! Then Poppo hit level 36 and evolved! In less than three minutes, all of my team that would evolve did so. Absolutely fabulous. :D

We battled through the Celestial Tower for no apparent reason at all, then took on Skyla's gym and did pretty well- even Fuu and Yana could take out multiple gym trainers on their own. I did just rely on Shizu to take out Skyla, though. Gosh she's easy. I should have had much more trouble than that. Then we wandered over to Twist Mountain, battled Cheren, found out Alder was spying on us, and received Surf. I then had to catch a Herdier to teach surf to so I could catch a Basculin. The one I got ended up being a female lv 23 red-stripe that I took to train in the Celestial Tower till level 30 before going to take out Audino outside of the mountain. It was surprisingly easy to train Rao up the eighteen levels she needed to catch up to the rest of the team. I think that probably had to do with a strong moveset and decent type matchups. I figured Stunfisk would probably not be quite so easy.

Got talked to by myself Clay and Cheren when I finally went into Twist Mountain. God I love the music in that place. And last time I explored it was winter so wow I was getting lost. I tried my best to skip trainers so I could come back when I had caught Stunfisk in Icirrus and that worked out fairly well. So I made it to Icirrus and wow I forget how much I adore this city oh. Quickly caught a lv 32 Stunfisk- not easy, indeed!- and then flew back down to Mistralton for training before going back into Twist Mountain. Managed to fully explore the place, which was good because the season turnover was about to happen. Wandered around Rt 8 and the Moor before actually going to take on Brycen and his ice minions. Eugh.

Actually, I beat Brycen pretty easily. Fuu took out most of his gym trainers, too! I guess I just keep way overestimating how bad my type disadvantage is going to make things? Anyway. Did Dragonspiral Tower, then rushed off to deal with Plasma at the Desert Resort. Got called to Nacrene to hear some exposition and receive an item for plot reasons. Went back to play in icy!Icirrus, then continued on to Rt 9 and Opelucid City. After exploring it and deciding hell naw I'm not taking on this gym yet, I ended up wandering around on Rt 17 & 18. Once I'm done there I'll go to snowy!Twist Mountain and sort of... piss about until my team get a few more levels on them.
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