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I don't pay much attention to reviews. Numbers are completely meaningless to me. I usually know if I'm going to buy a game or not when it releases. If the answer is no, I'll only buy it later on down the line if it's gotten a lot of good feedback by the general populous on the websites I visit. I trust a whole crowd of people singing a game's praise over a handful of reviewers when it comes out. You can bribe reviewers, you can't really bribe people who already paid for your game. :P

But even if a game I'm really excited for gets a bad score in its initial reviews, I'll probably buy it anyway. I mean, I've been excited for ages. I'd like to make the opinion myself. (For example, if a new Kingdom Hearts game got horrible reviews, I'd probably be a sucker and buy it anyway because I'd rather discover that for myself and I wouldn't want it to hurt my excitement.)

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