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    Originally Posted by TheTimetraveler. View Post
    Well I finished the Challenge.
    My adventures.
    Named character "Time"
    Chose Torchic.
    Named Torchic "Vulcan"
    Got a potion from the guy outside the pokemart
    Now that I think about it. It was a bad idea to choose torchic. No grass types allowed. So it'll be difficult getting Swampert knocked out in one hit.
    Beat all the Trainers in the first couple routes.
    Torchic evolved
    Arrived at Rustboro.
    I caught a Taillow. Level 6 named him "Jupiter"
    ......Bleh. I if my Combusken was female I'd name her Vesta. Possibly Hestia. I prefer Hestia.

    I'm pretty sure it’s obvious about the theme of my names.
    I took on the gym. Beat Roxanne.
    Randomly found an Abra while chasing the guy with the Goods. I really wanted to catch it but no Psychic types. L
    Got the pokenav
    Beat May.
    Arrived at Dewford.
    Caught Mahikuta and Aron
    Beat Brawley.
    Arrived at Slateport.
    Evolved Taillow.
    Beat Team Aqua.
    Beat May.
    Arrived at Mauville.
    Beat Wattson.
    Got Rock Smash.
    Beat all trainers in routes adjacent to Mauville.
    Starting here I’ll try to add more detail in what I’m doing.
    Combusken leveled to 30 after battling with a trainer.
    Makuhita Evolved in Hariyama.
    Current levels.
    Combusken 30.
    Swellow 24.
    Aron 26.
    Hariyama 24.
    Route 113. Caught Skarmory.
    Fought Team magma up on the cliffs… place.
    Arrived at Lavaridge. Beat Flannery.
    Destroyed Mirage Tower L Got Claw fossil.
    Revived Anorith and nicknamed it Pluto. Cus, you know. It came back from the dead. And Pluto is the god of the dead……… erm. Probably won’t use him.
    Arrived at Petalburg. Beat Norman.
    Visited Abandoned ship and got Ice beam.
    Evolved Combusken into Blaziken at desert route.
    Arrived at the Weather Institute.
    Beat Team Aqua with Skarmory.
    Beat May. Easily.
    Aron evolved from the 3 trainers after beating May.
    Time to look for feebas.
    Being ADHD And looking for a feebas isn’t a good combo.
    Stopped looking for feebas for a while and caught a Absol.
    Resumed looking for feebas. I finally found one after a couple hours.
    I caught a couple others till I found one that’s a Mild nature. I would have liked modest but beggars can’t be choosers.
    I fought the Kecleon with Steven. Still haven’t gotten my badge yet. I’ll get it when I grind some more.
    Beat Winnoa. Skarmory tanked everything. What crazy defense at level 31.
    How does Scott know I just finished the gym… stalker much?
    I reached Lilycove. Started getting Beauty up. It’ll take a while though.
    Postponed the beauty raising. Gave Feebas a exp share.
    Went to Mt. Pyre. Defeated Team Aqua.
    Arrived at Lavaridge town.
    Went to Magma base. Then forgot I had to get Strength. Went to Verndaturf town and helped out those 2 people. Don’t care what their names are. And got strength.
    I also thought Rayquaza was spelled Rayquayza. I’ve always called it that too.
    I beat Team Magma and went to Slateport. Blah blah Aqua base Blah blah got Master Ball blah blah Beat Aqua.
    Evolved Feebas.
    Now I’m at mossdeep and challenging the gym.
    Defeated Liza and Tate. Boy that took a lot out of my supplies.
    Now onto the space center.
    Beat the Space center. Barely.
    Got to team aqua hideout. Beat it. Now the weather is all messed up.
    Awakened Rayquaza. Absol just dominated Juan. All one hits. Double swords dance op.
    Got to Ever Grande. Starting to grind on the pokemon. Hoping for 45+ for everyone.
    Taught Lairon Double-Edge. Easy grinding.
    Evolved Lairon. Aggron SMASH.
    Beat Wally. Ready to take on the E4.
    Got through Victory road. Finally.
    Beat Elite four. Game over!

    I'll be doing another Challenge. Probably B/W and B2/W2

    ... Holy crap.... That was fast. o.O
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