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Julia Blackwood - Melody Grove
Julia shrieked as the overly aggressive pokeon attacked, startling her and nearly causing her to lose her balance as she made a point to try and avoid getting spored in the face. Fumbling, she produced a pokeball in an almost instinctive manner. From the all emerged her haunter--"Chucklehead" MacGyver. The pokemon emitted a rather quiet laugh as it tripped the gloom up with telekinesis before staring it down. The pokemon shared tense glances for a moment before the gloom attempted to launch a rather uncharacteristic flamethrower at MacGyver. The gaseous pokemon seemed to dissipate into thin air, various purple gasses floating in the air before taking the form of several haunter. He proceeded to start duplicating himself repeatedly, more and more haunter appearing to surround the gloom. The sky seemed to go dark, and Julia herself was no longer there. The gloom fired another flamethrower off, only for it to fail to hit anything. A loud, deep, powerful laugh echoed from behind it and it turned only to be face to face with MacGyver--Only he was about fifty times bigger than he should've been. The pokemon looked up and emitted a shriek before attempting to flee the amittedly terrifying sight of the seemingly enormous haunter's cheshire grin, only for the echoes of a hundred laughs to plague it's ears, drowning out it's thoughts and overwhelming it's senses, a terrible pain inflicted on it's skull. It tried to keep running, but something stopped it. A low groaning noise came from behind it and it could not move. It slowly turned, only to find the exceedingly large haunter's eyes were glowing red with ghostly power. It was Mean Look, and the gloom found it could no longer easily look away. Smaller haunters closed in, circling around and taunting the pokemon with their chorus of laughter, getting rapidly closer with each passing second...

Meanwhile, back in reality...

Julia watched with a mildly put-off look on her face as the gloom fell to the ground, shrieking and clutching at it's head whilst MacGyver hovered around, using a combination of Double Team and Night Shade to dominate the pokemon's mind and put it into a position of helplessness, where it would be quickly worn down. After several long moments of gazing at the spectacle quietly with a somewhat solemn look on her face Julia decided to try something.

She produced a pokeball and tossed it. Now, one had to understand. She didn't often catch pokemon, but she /did/ have MacGyver, who as it stood was extremely well equipped for the job of hunting. With the pokemon unable to properly flee and having to rely on some rather poor odds to so much as get a hit in, it stood to reason that it was just a matter of time until she caught it, assuming it could be caught. Her? She wanted to know what was wrong with this pokemon. Something was very strange about it...

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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