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    I've always been a bit iffy about having two separate game sections, especially when the suggested tag list includes "demo" and "complete" in both categories. If that's the case, why not have them all in the same section? I know your argument was to prevent larger projects from overshadowing smaller ones, Maruno, but I would wager that same dichotomy exists in both current sections anyway. It seems a bit counterproductive to have that same dichotomy existing twice over, where the only difference between the two essentially amounts to how much work has been put into them.

    Thus, I propose the following forum division:

      • [Discussion] (For discussion of ideologies, principles, conventions, etc. that is not specific to Essentials)
      • [Question] (For general help regarding game development that is not specific to Essentials)
      • [Event] (For competitions, etc. held by the GD staff)
      • [GDM] (Perhaps a more informative tag for this one; "Article", maybe?)
    • Game Projects
      • [Idea] (For projects that are not yet in production)
      • [In progress] (For projects that are actually in production, as proven by screenshots, but don't yet have a demo)
      • [Demo] (For projects that are in production and have a demo released)
      • [Completed] (For projects that have completed production and have a full release)
    • Resources
      • [RBY/GSC graphics]
      • [RSE/FRLG graphics] (I see no reason to differentiate between these; the stylistic difference is minimal)
      • [DPPt/HGSS graphics]
      • [BW/B2W2 graphics] (However, there is much stylistic difference between 4th and 5th gen)
      • [Graphics]
      • [Music]
      • [Audio]
    • Scripts & Tutorials
      • [Script] (For general scripts only; Essentials scripts go under the Essentials section)
      • [Tutorial] (For general tutorials only; Essentials tutorials go under the Essentials section)
      • [Program]
      • [Engine]
      • [Guide] (For non-instructional topics only; compare to topics covered by Discussion tags)
    • Pokémon Essentials
      • [Script] (For Essentials scripts only; general scripts go under the S&E section)
      • [Tutorial] (For Essentials scripts only; general tutorials go under the S&E section)
      • [Discussion] (For discussions pertaining to the Pokémon Essentials kit only)
      • [Question] (For questions pertaining to the Pokémon Essentials kit only)
      • [Release] (For releases of Pokémon Essentials only)

    I think that's it. Feel free to expand upon or collapse sections I've outlined. If anything needs clarifying, just ask.
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