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    Jack Davis - Psychotic Rage!?

    Jack was more than glad to find the crate and out of curiosity opened it up. He sighed in relief at the fullness of it. "Okay... this is good. Not a lot of supplies missing. Okay, we need to get this out of the ground and get it over to our destination." Without another word Charlie simply tipped his hand up and the whole crate flew up and hovered in mid air. "Yeah... this will be easy." Jack chuckled. "Now keep it steady Charlie and we'll be done with this in no time!"

    Though he heard something approaching. Figuring it to be another fire type to probably get 'revenge' on his pokemon he was instead surprised to see an Espeon that didn't look so well. Sweat was clinging to its fur and it seemed to be walking about in a confused manner. He almost walked up to it, but Charlie held out a hand to hold him off.

    "Hold this." The Alakazam told Alpha as he released his grip on the crate causing the Hypno to quickly catch it with his own powers. Charlie cocked an eyebrow as the Espeonn approached before using a Dragon Rage on him. The Alakazam's eyes glowed as he sent forth a Psybeam to counter the attack. The Rage and the beam hit each and ended up causing a minor explosion. "Hm... you are powerful. Obviously something happened to you..." He grinned, "Well, whatever did happen, I want some of it."

    "Charlie, just attack back!" Cried Alpha from behind. "In due time Alpha." Charlie replied as he readied for whatever his opponent would throw back at him.
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