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@Loki - That's one of the most amazing comments I've received in this gallery. Thank you so much! <3; And it WAS a WIP (tag - vert invert), to be honest. Never finished it. XD; But you're right on all accounts, you know. I should've put some more effort into it. Maybe if I do something like it next time? :3 And wow, this is the first time I'm hearing a critique on a video I created. And I'm really glad to hear it. I'll take care and try to use those suggestions in my next video. <3 I know about the audio problems in the video, btw. I couldn't really fix them even after messing around for like 2-3 hours. :(

Also, if possible, I'd really love to hear your opinion on this one:

@Tim - Thanks a bunch, man! Glad you approve of my stuff. :]

@ZT - ooh, that's nice. :DDD Though I can't see myself making anything as good anytime soon. :B

Here's a seriously messed up manga based tag with utilization of inversion. Don't kill me, plz. I was working on it but it became really messy so I abandoned it :B


Color manips:

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