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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Don't worry, all of that is covered and completed. I have an entirely different look at this stuff Now than when I made the first one. The first one was actually finished 2 something years ago and was my first overall hack back when I was a beginner at all of this stuff. I just moved everything over to another rom and changed a few things which actually caused the gameplay to be unbalanced at times and buggy.
    The other thing is, I made the hack with just 1 person who was the scripter. So Dark Rising 1 was a two person hack. THIS time, I have an entire team full of very good hackers And I'm A LOT better at everything. I just couldn't show it in Dark Rising 1 because it was pretty much done already before I got as good at this stuff as I am now. Dark Rising 2 is still going to be hard(But not as ridiculous as the first one), but it will be more balanced and fun. There will still be things you won't like about the sequel and others will however, I can't satisfy everyone. But I'm sure overall it will be a very amazing hack. Everything from the first one has been improved Drastically.
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