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Alicia – South of Mauville

Alicia had her eyes focused dead ahead of her during majority of their travel to Mauville, focusing on the mental conversation she had with Penance. His constant fuzzing over the details and his plans both made her rather uneasy of what might happen, and at the same time it comforted her to know that he was taking everything into consideration of what might happen. Worrying and comforting at the same time. It made Alicia snicker quietly to herself before replying.

Right, I get it. We need to make sure that if the Caerulus tribe attacks, we have an edge in the war. Even if I still think it’s completely insane for us to be warring now that the humans are here, but… we have to defend ourselves, I suppose.

She didn’t feel confident in the very least at the idea of having to try and snap someone’s neck. Especially if that someone was as big as Adamantius. Taking a breath to calm herself down, she managed to snap back to reality as the group arrived in Mauville, and soon moved south from the town. Alicia stayed within the group of Pokémon, one hand resting on the bag at her side, the other simply hanging at her side as she watched the negotiations unfold.

However, before they even got started, it seemed, they broke down and Alicia felt a shiver move up her spine. It was going to come to blows, or at least, most likely. The Pokémon on either side seemed to be bracing themselves for an order to attack, which made Alicia just a little bit flustered, though her focus moved back to Adamantius as she was instructed. Her gaze turned to Penance as he contacted her mentally, her brows raising as she looked towards where he was, slowly making his way towards her.

Her gaze turned to the Blaziken by Adamantius’ side and she swallowed a little down, dearly hoping that nothing bad could happen, although… to be quite honest, a lot of things could go very, very bad with the plans laid out in front of them. As she was told, though, she kept her eyes on the Blaziken, doing her best to quell the uncomfortable feelings of wanting to simply get out of this place, where the air was suddenly heavy with mumbling and anger directed to the other group.

… Right.

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