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    Nathan - A comfy bed

    Nath entered the hotel and booked a room. He was very tired, and needed a nice bath to refresh himself. His Pokémon were returned to their pokéballs until he reached his room on the second floor. It wasn't much but it was enough for the night, for soon after he would be stuck in the wilderness, fighting for those precious gym badges. He released his Pokémon when he entered the room, and opened his bag to give out berries to them. He then set up small areas for them to sleep, using blankets on the floor as beds, and Nitro and Celebi shared the double bed with Nath. It was only natural that the hotheaded Beedrill, Buzz, was going to start up a ruckus, presumably claiming that 'it's not fair' or something. Glade sighed before pulling back Buzz with a wave of psychic energy. Nath just laughed as the two bickered for the next 2 minutes. Glade acted all cool, whilst Buzz through out a temper. To end it all, Nath offered Buzz an extra oran berry to make up for it before saying, 'You'll have your turn later Buzz. Chill out!" Nath smiled, and Buzz smiled back at him. Nath just couldn't live without his friends.

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