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Well, I was about to contribute writing about my hack there but gira got first in my place :D

But anyway, that hack I made is basically made to remove all the pokemon in party that have 0 HP, each time a map is loaded. It also has the battle endings changed so that when you would normally "black out", a "game over music" is played and the text box will keep displaying text string "GAME OVER!!!" and the script continues by calling an infinite loop (so that the player can't do a thing).

But although it's a bit different, it somewhat sticks to the rules.

Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
I think it'd be significantly more difficult to permit players to ONLY be able to catch the first Pokémon they encounter in each Route, to say the very least. But this hack is certainly a good part of the way there.
This shouldn't be so bad either, but the coding would have to be modified so that it loads data from a "have you caught a pokemon in this route already?" table everytime the player is about to throw a pokeball. If a bit of the area the player is on is set in this table, it could for example load the same code that is used in the game when trying to catch Ghost or some trainer's pokemon.

This would totally require finding enough space in ram for fitting in such table first though.
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