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    Ahhh okay thanks Sydian I thought it was OK cuz I couldn't get any of them until I was more than halfway through the game... too late to change it now that I'm seven badges in, but thanks for clearing that up anyways

    Anyways I didn't play at all over the Easter Weekend, but here's what I've done since:


    Got to Castelia and beat the Team Plasma Grunts in the Sewers, during which time my Totodile, Chester, evolved into Croconaw. Met Colress, Burgh, and Iris. Went into the Gym and beat Burgh. Got the Insect Badge.

    Went up Route 4 and beat Colress. Went through Join Avenue and got to Nimbasa. Beat Elesa and got the Bolt Badge.

    Beat Charles on Route 5. Crossed the Driftveil Drawbridge. Met Rood, got N's Zorua, and then beat Clay in the Gym for the Quake Badge. Hacked in a Dawn Stone to evolve Luna, my Snorunt, into Froslass because I can't get one until post-game.

    Beat Hugh, Cheren and Colress in the PWT. Proceeded onto Route 6. Explored Chargestone Cave, where Chester evolved again, into Feraligatr. Got to Mistralton City and met Prof. Juniper. Went up north and got through Celestial Tower for extra training, then returned to Mistralton and beat Skyla for the Jet Badge, after which Stephanie, my Joltik, evolved into Galvantula.

    Skyla flew me, Bianca, and Prof. Juniper to Lentimas Town, where I found a Fire Stone and wasted no time in evolving Michael, my Growlithe, into Arcanine. Got through Reversal Mountain with Bianca's help. Got to Undella Town. Beat Hugh, after which Victoria the Axew evolved into Fraxure. Went north on Route 13. Found Cobalion and knocked it out for some EXP.

    Reached Lacunosa Town. Learned about Kyurem and Zekrom. Beat Zinzolin and a Plasma Grunt and then proceeded west. Got past that 999-win-streak guy on Village Bridge, after which Gordon evolved into Abomasnow. Continued west and beat Virizion. Got to Opelucid City. After training on Route 9, challenged Drayden in the Gym and earned the Legend Badge.

    *PHEW* that's a lot of stuff. Hopefully I'll be updating more in the next few days as I near the game's climax.