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Damien Pierce
Road to Mauville and Mauville outskirts

Damien was jogging along the road, with his rifle in hand. He had let himself trail behind Nick a bit, he didn't really feel like talking to Nick right now... Instead he thought about what they might find... would it be only a few pokies there, or hundreds upon thousands? He put the thought out of his head and jogged up along side Nick and Clarke. Nick said something about Jacob running in the forest being more dangerous. Damien just shrugged.

When they had get up to the camp (former camp) Damien felt his rage boil up again. No matter how much he tried, He couldn't get the feeling to go away. He was ready to shoot at whatever he was presented with. The chance had presented itself quickly, though not the way he had wanted. Nick ordered them to hold position as he and clarke went over to a unit of soldiers. The next thing he knew, Clarke had pulled a gun on one of the soldiers. Damien raised his rifle and silently pointed it at Clarke. If Clarke fired, he wouldn't hesitate to defend the soldiers. The HR didn't need officials who shot there own grunts, which was ironic judging what he was ready to do.

Clarke lowered his gun. Damien had a sigh of relief and lowered his as well. He stood at a more relaxed stance and acted like nothing had ever happened. When Nick motioned for him to follow, he continued his jog.

They soon arrived to their objective. Jacob was already gone when Nick signaled them to take cover. Damien did so, but soon went into the forest and jogged around the settlement till he came upon a patch of rocks. His camo would work best here, so he laid down after putting his army green backpack behind a large rock.

He aimed down his scope, quietly whispering "So what are you up to..." to himself. He scanned around the settlement and found who it seemed all of the pokemon were listening too. Wouldn't it be so easy to just off them right now... but he had orders. He observed, trying to listen in on what was being said.
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