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Originally Posted by KriegStein View Post
Greetings! I decided to make an aplication this club. :D
So little information about myself as a bleach fan. I have read bleach in the past for about 25 manga books. And recently I have started to watch the anime. I just finished the soul society arc. So basicly I am not that "inside" the bleach universe. But I intend to watch more as I have more time.
As for my Zanpakto I havent yet made anything special. So if its okay I will post my creations later when I have made more progress.
Also more about my interests about Bleach:
squad: Squad 3
character: Kenpachi Zarachi and Aizen. But I also like Urahara due to his style.
story arc: Soul Society (duh)
Umm... so yeah. I hope I didnt forget anything. :'D
Well hello and welcome to the Bleach fan club on PC Forums! :D
Now we're half way to having a Bleach version of Scandanavia and the World.
I'm glad to see that there are still people getting interested in Bleach.
Don't worry about making a zanpakuto, you can take your time.
Pokestick's the best poster in the club, and still hasn't bothered to come up with one. ;p