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    Thanks for the comments, Raven. As for the rival bit, he might not be all that he seems. Jealousy does stuff to people. Good people.

    I also have a functional alpha to release. Let it be known as Alpha 1.0!

    You can download Alpha 1.0 by clicking here.

    It lasts approximately two hours. Your Pokemon ought to be around Level 20-24 by the end of Alpha 1.0.

    Towns Available
    - Windigo
    - Ausable
    - Burntwood
    -- Gym Open
    - Malbaie
    -- Gym Open
    - Coppermine

    Routes Available
    - Route 101
    - Route 102
    - Route 103
    - Route 104
    - Route 105
    - Route 109
    - Route 110
    - Route 111

    Along with other miscellaneous maps, like caverns, indoors, etc.

    What I'm Looking For

    - Map Critique
    - Storyline Critique
    - Trainer Critique (Too Hard? Too Easy?)
    -- Trainer Errors (Non-Existent, etc.)
    - MetaData Errors (Indoor/Outdoor, Battlebacks, etc.)
    - BGM Errors (No BGM Indoors (Due to Forgetfulness))
    - Grammar Errors (French, Specifically)
    -- French Script Errors (Non-Existent, Freezing, etc.)
    - Other Constructive Criticism

    When giving feedback, please be constructive and thorough; otherwise, it won't help the project, nor may I be able to fix errors due to not understanding the actual issue.

    You can download Alpha 1.0 by clicking here.

    Thank you!

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