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Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
Awesome! And I've been working on this for about a month now. Easily 50+h into development thusfar XD so it might seem like "already" because the thread has only been around for a week, but there's four weeks of work in this.

I'm expecting bugs and the likes. Just hopefully not too rough of stuff! When I tested events, etc. everything seemed functional, so here's to a smooth "launch."
um, so I found a few things wrong or unpleasant:
i was cruizin' around and noticed nothing has any description; i thought oh some book cases, oh some tv's, or some cabinets, I bet theres some cool back story, but nope, its just background stuff and i was disappointed >.>

I also didnt like how i couldnt go up the stairs in the prof.'s house, and when i was talking joseph walked right through me; you should make it so that cant happen, like an auto start that makes you walk up to the prof. and then makes all the stuff happen so that doesnt happen >.>

and then finally i lost the battle against joseph with my oshawott, but it kept restarting the battle so i couldnt train, and i kept losing

i do like the mapping, and the hidden stuff
oh and your music is very nice, its a real plus! :D

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