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    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    >Got to his job most likely the place to find evidence of where he went
    "Derrick, Snipper. We're moving on." The two nod and follow you to the Police car. Snipper sits in the passenger seat, Derrick sits in back.
    "Why does he get to sit up there?" Derrick would always ask.
    "Because he doesn't mess with the radio." You'd always answer. In reality, Snipper doesn't like being in his Pokeball and you decided to make the best to stay on his good side. As you start up the car and head over to the Newspaper Offices, you see Snipper glaring at himself in the rearview mirror. Rolling your eyes and adjusting it, you also note Derrick fiddling with handcuffs. It's gonna be a long case.

    Five minutes pass and the three of you make it to the building. As you open the office door, a repugnant smell fills your nose. As you open it further, you realize this man's office had been moved into the janitor's closet. The Janitor's locker is to the west of you. To the north lay an awfully messy desk. Before you are various posters of questionable nature. To the south is the exit.
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