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A test I created...I might make it a full out game.

Game: Pokemon Secret Sapphire

Hack of: Sapphire

All I did so far was change the Prof.'s name to Cedar and made the starters shuckle, slugma, and quilfish. Slugma does not evolve in this game (I disabled it). I can't remember the new movesets except quilfish has bubble and milk drink. I made a cave filled with legendaries (my first map from scratch!). No story yet D: There IS a secret, but I can't tell you :D fine...I will...But don't tell anyone! All three starters evolve at high friendship. But shuckle and quilfish don't evolve in regular games, and I disabled magcargo, right? I won't tell you the alternative...

Rom Hacking?

Me: WTF WHAT IS A 0x00??? Oh wait, that's my favorite color...uh durr.

Still don't understand scripting. xD