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    Originally Posted by TheMaskedMeowth View Post
    Garchomp ★ TheMaskedMeowth
    Infernape ★ TheMaskedMeowth
    Meowth ★ TheMaskedMeowth
    Mew ★ TheMaskedMeowth
    Mewtwo ★ TheMaskedMeowth
    Munchlax ★ TheMaskedMeowth
    Originally Posted by 27thColt View Post
    Empoleon ★ 27thColt
    Swampert ★ 27thColt
    Staraptor ★27thColt
    Sorry guys, but you must have 100 posts or more to make claims.

    And we're all up to date as well. :3

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