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No more progress on the zorua hunt... I couldn't bring myself to MM today even though I had all day off and literally played all day... ; 1536 RE on route 14 and no shiny yet. *crosses fingers* I'll be restarting HG to do a monotype challenge play-through with water pokemon. I'm hoping to SR for the legendaries once I get that far.

Originally Posted by TheShinyEevee View Post
I ended up hunting Eevee till 3am last night without realising...
Whoops XD
Oh my, that happens to me a lot! Haha. Not quite that late usually, though. I feel like an old-timer I cant stay up very late anymore. >( Good luck with your hunts! I watched your videos tonight and they're awesome. I'm considering making my own youtube channel for shiny hunting. ;

Originally Posted by DarkBreloom View Post
I am starting to hate Pokemon crystal for no reason other than I have been looking for a shiny voltorb in mahogany town for let's see......14,412 Random encounters and I found one and the first move it uses is Self-destruct....
Oh noooo! That sucks! I'm sorry ;_;

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