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    Originally Posted by kaedearagaki
    I wanna help on this HACK! I wanna be the beta tester or something zzz. I'm good at sprites though.
    Beta tester might be a possibility. Other than that, there's nothing I need help with right now.


    Ok, some things that I have accomplished:

    1). Completed porting 12 songs from RSE (I don't think any turned out perfect, but they're pretty darn close).

    2). Remapped/updated probably every map that will be included in the beta (one of the many reasons why its taking me so long to do things...)

    3). Dive is now working properly for beta 1. I edited the script(s) to make them work better, and overall polished it up a bit. Some screens:

    I've uploaded a video to show both some of the music, and dive. Found here

    Now some other things:

    Added Darthatron's B/W repel system port!

    Ported some indoor tiles from RSE.

    Berry trees have been added. I'm working on a daily berry script, as well.

    And last but not least, I've implemented a dynamic weather system. Credits to Darthatron and colcolstyles for figuring it out, but the script has been modified by me to work the way I want it to. Unfortunately, the weather is still a bit erratic using the current script, but it'll do for beta 1.


    Speaking of beta 1, here's a bit of information on what will be included: 2 towns, 2 cities, 2 forests, a bunch of routes, a mountain area, etc....
    Altogether there will be two gyms available.

    Also, I don't know if I've said this before, but comments/criticisms/suggestions are welcome!