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Before I start, I just want to say that I really don't know what I'm rambling on about ;; This idea just came to me and I thought "hey I need to post this on PC ASAP and see what people think!"
So feel free to shoot me down, just keep in mind that I am not proposing we do this at all, just a simple discussion thread! Hence why it's in PG and not CQ&F :p

So I was taking a walk outside and thinking about how long I'd be a Pokemon fan. I thought that right now I'm dead waiting for X&Y and I'll definitely stick around for any sequels/third games and spin-offs that might come to Generation 6. I also know that I'll stick around until the 6th Generation Pokemon arc ends. Then I thought hell, I'd probably stick around if Generation 7 was announced while Generation 6 was still running! I might be in this for years to come, yay!

But then it hit me, like a bat in an already dark cave(don't judge ok xD), what if Generation 6 is the end? This is pretty far-fetched, but it's possible! By the time Generation 6 ends we'll have run for 19-20 years! Again, this is just a very theoretical type situation.

So if the Pokemon franchise stops production after Generation 6, sometime at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, what happens to PokeCommunity? By then we'll have been up and about for around 13 years, I don't suppose that could all just end.

Again this is all just in my imagination, I just want this to be a nice discussion thread to see if this could be done, not if it should be or will be.

When thinking of this, I started thinking about PC:
  • We have amazing artists and graphics designers.
  • We have writers and RPers who are terrific at generating dialogues and scripts.
  • We have ROM Hackers and Game Developers, who together form a large community dedicated to creating/altering games, making tiles and sprites, story-lines and features! Many of them are terrific programmers and well, game developers!
  • We have the creativity of an art institute.
  • ... etc

So, would it be possible? Could PC take on the duties of producing a whole new Pokemon Generation and picking up after GF stops? I'm not just talking games, I'm talking everything! Manga! Anime! Video Games! Movies!

So again, this is all theoretical! So when discussing in this thread, skip through all the copyright issues and financial issues, and discuss the essence of the matter. Does Pokecommunity have the personnel, resources and overall the ability to pick up the Pokemon franchise?

Discuss (:
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