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I kinda have two views on this matter:
  • I'm a fairly religious person. And because of this, I don't believe that God would create anything without a reason. I also believe that God could have created one solar system existing in equilibrium within itself. So yes, I do believe that there is extraterrestrial life out there because why would there be so much space out there if there wasn't?
  • On a scientific perspective, I'd have to say yes. On Earth itself we've found hundreds of thousands of species that exist without the need for the most basic human life necessities. Because of this, we now know that living organisms are very resilient and adaptive!
    That out of the way, we also know, or suspect at the least, that there are planets out there filled with all sorts of materials within their atmosphere, ranging from different air compositions to slightly different variants of water or some other wide-spread liquid on their surfaces. These planets also orbit suns/stars that provide them with light and minimum heat requirements. So in my mind, I don't see why the same circumstances that lead to life on Earth that evolved into us over millions of years, couldn't have taken place on other slightly similar planets out there.
    So yes, from a scientific perspective I do believe there is a possibility for life on other planets.

And those two reasons together kinda form my overall point of view.

More to that, I don't really see extraterrestrial life as little green men with 5 feet and three eye-balls. Hell, life could have developed and evolved in completely different ways to adapt and fit the circumstances on the planets which they inhabit. So for all we know, there might be life-forms out there that don't have noses or ears, or eyes at all! We can never be sure, so I just try to keep an open mind.

Another thing I believe is that there is also a possibility for intelligent life outside of Earth. How intelligent we can't know, but I doubt we'd be able to measure their intelligence by our standards and compare their technology to ours. Their technology may not and most like would not have anything to do with our own. We haven't thought of everything have we? Computers. Cars. Hell they might have some sorts of completely different replacements to store data / prove transport and communication.

Thinking way outside the box there but meh.
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