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    Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
    In that sense, sure I'll go along with that. A group thing.

    But there are instances where crimes solely against an individual are labelled a hate crime. Where someone has been killed, but that the person responsible did not know the person was gay. But because he was gay, it becomes a hate crime.

    That's very very dangerous territory if we're treating certain types of people as more important in the eyes of the law.
    A victim does not have to be gay for hate crimes laws to apply. For example, there was one instance in the U.S. where two Ecuadoran immigrant brothers, named Jose Sucuzhañay, 31, and Romel Sucuzhañay, were walking home arm-in-arm after a night of drinking in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn were attacked because they were perceived to be gay. Anti-Hispanic slurs were also used during the assault. The attackers were described as four black men riding in a burgundy sport utility vehicle. One attacker jumped out of the SUV, used the anti-gay slur, then smashed Jose over the head with a bottle. As Romel ran away, three other men exited the vehicle and joined the assault, police said. One hit the victim in the head with a bat while the others kicked him. At some point, Romel returned holding a cell phone and told the men he had called police. They then drove off together. Jose subsequently died from his injuries. Law enforcement official declared the attack a hate crime.

    Do you think they were wrong to call it a hate crime? I certainly do.

    Here's an article of the incident: Family Keeps Vigil for Beaten Brooklyn Man

    Also, the purpose of hate crimes laws is not to place one individual, or group of people, above others, but rather to treat acts of violence against specific groups because of who they are as being especially heinous.
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