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    I actually quite liked the game.

    It has its flaws, yes, but you all pretty much covered them. But the things they added were pretty cool too. Things like how you get to build paradise, building many different types of shops and vendors, upgrade them, recolor them, clearing land into different styles, and how almost everything is upgradeable... Things like the multi-tiered leveling that allows you to level up Pokemon, Moves, and Paradise by completing missions... Things like the dungeon additions like the special tiles and detours.

    It also looked beautiful, and the music was fantastic.

    I currently have 30 hours logged so far, and while the Post-game plot was much shorter than previous games, there is also much more to do after the town stops changing. In Explorers of Sky, after you completed all of the post-game story, you only had random missions, a minigame, and the stuff at Spinda Cafe (Draw and juice bar.). In Gates to Infinity, you have all that plus a bunch more minigames, and the ability to work on Paradise, which makes random missions seem more engaging when you have some goal in mind...

    I do miss mechanics like hunger though... Without it there isn't much to keep pace for going through dungeons, you don't really need to rush through anything. Also, while I enjoyed the storyline, I found the story less engaging than the one in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. The ending was...
    ...more bitter though because there is no random deus ex machina to revive your main character after they disappear. (Which is a good thing. I hate deus ex machinas.) So it drags the feeling that something is missing for much longer as you play as your partner.

    As for the characters, some of the personalities made me actually come to appreciate Pokemon I usually never cared much for. (Like Gurdurr) My favorite character would have to be Emolga, a Pokemon I had already liked though.
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