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Originally Posted by BlIZzART View Post
sorry,but im a Newbie in this.I dont understand the Scripting Language and i need a teacher for that.Can anybody tell me easily how i make this.Sorry for that
Luka S.J. couldn't have made it easier to understand. He told you exactly what function to put in what places.

You can't use Essential practically without knowing how to script; what I'd do if I were you is stick to simple stuff for the time being, and expand off of that. It takes a long time, but you need to be able to script to make your game stand out. If something as simple as this is above you, then just remember this thread and come back in the future once you've learned a little about RGSS syntax.

In other words, don't just take a dive into Aquatic Mine, you need to test the waters first.

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