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    Charlotte (Charlie) Hunter - London Atlantean Relief Centre, England

    Charlie pulled her head up, trying her hardest not to spill the contents of her stomach from the pain, as she looked at Justin. He was not sat opposite her, brow furrowed with thought as he extend his hand towards her, offering it almost like gift. For a little while, Charlie remained silent, regarding Justin's worried expression curiously. The pain still gnawed at her side making the world whirl slightly, though not as much as before, whilst flashing pin pricks of light dotted her vision, making this situation foggy and difficult to grasp. Yet despite this, as the dark haired girl stared at the man sat in front of her offering his hand out to her like some soppy sacrifice seen from a film, Charlie understood with the sharpest clarity what Justin was wanting her to do.

    It was as if, even though she was the one suffering mostly from blood loss, that Justin had lost the capability to think. Surely he must had thought all the consequences through? why would he hold hand out, asking for the pain which wiled her body back?
    Arching an eye brow,Charlie tried her hardest to think of reasons why? Anyone looking into this situation would see that Charlie clearly stood a better chance than Justin. She had the ability to heal, even if it wasn't that fast, it was still faster than the average human. So why would a man with the ability to twist wood want an fatal injury back?

    Narrowing her eyes, Charlie slowly shook her head, parting her lips to reply, as she tried to lock her gaze with his.

    “You want this back?” she asked, reaching down and slowly peeling back her shirt to expose the wound which no longer bleed but slowly oozed blood. The healing process was doing it's job, knitting back the wound slowly, but not to the point where she would be able to walk away from this within the next few hours. Though upon regarding it briefly Charlie was relieved to see that the wound had healed, if only a little.

    Yet, still as she asked this question, the selfish side of herself preservation kicked in, regarding Justin's hand as a way of escape from the agony. It was such a simple way out of it and he seemed so willing, but on shaking her head again she shivered away from the idea. She would be dooming the man whom had once so willingly risked his own life for hers, not even that but she didn’t even know if she could do it. Unlike the kids she had overheard in the waiting room talking about her practicing, her ‘gift’ wasn’t exactly something she could practice in the quiet of her own room easily, she had never been the emo type and for that matter asking her mum to offer herself up as willing volunteer was out of the question.

    “Are you sure?” she finally asked, feeling guilty as she lifted her hand to his and gently pressed her small digits into his warm palm, as her eyes swept up from their touching hands to meet Justin’s eyes.

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