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Ok this is something I think is really important and can be very helpful! Here's my post in the user appreciation thread:
Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I think either way, some people just aren't gonna be aware they were posted about.
I think this is a valid point, which is why I wanted to suggest a plug-in or a custom feature if you will. I'd put this in its own thread but it's vastly related to this topic so: What if we could create a mention notification system? A way to get notified when someone mentions you? I agree this could be messy, which is why one way could be to use a certain BBCode to make the mention official. For instance:
Yeah, [mention]Team Fail[/mention] and I have been pairs for a few months now!
And Team Fail would in turn get a notification on his UCP about the mention. Idk, just a thought.
Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I'm never saying tough nuts lol
Hehe, epic.
My view on this is that there are dozens of times when I mention someone in a post and either want them to see it and in turn reply, or just see it for whatever reason. A mention system could go really far! And the best thing is, if we manage to pull off the above ^^, a person would only get notified on the mention if the poster wanted them to be notified, as in intentionally used the [mention] tag or whatever you wanna call it.

What do you guys think? Also, [mention]Ausaudriel[/mention]. :p
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