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This thread needs more love. ;;

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Yeah, it's way better but they still aren't "reaction commands" as we know them in KH2. :P

That guy's just crazy. >_> I'm not very good at KH1 so I can't imagine doing most of what I've been struggling with at LV1. Just... how do they manage? It doesn't sound fun to me so I'm really glad there aren't any achievements or anything that require it. xD;
I'm actually sort of relieved that they aren't KHII reaction commands. I mean the reaction commands back in KHII were fun and all, but I think that was one of the main things that made KHII so easy. And most of the criticism was pointed at you mashing a button (either the attack button or the reaction command button) until you win. Of course, if KHIII had reaction commands I wouldn't be complaining. Because the commands make the battles a lot flashier and have more variation too! I just hope the difficulty doesn't suffer because of it. I believe BbS and the games that followed it did well on the gameplay rebalancing though!

Also Zero EXP is that one ability (do they call it abilities? I can't remember because it's been too long since I've played KH haha) I'll never really use. :P I agree that it doesn't sound fun, but I guess it's more opportunities to get bragging rights for the hardcore! Haha.

Anyway, are you guys familiar with Dissidia 012? I just saw the coolest vid ever. :o