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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
not saying it is, just saying anything is possible.
That's the same kind of argument made by climate change denialists and people ignorant about GMO's. It's one thing to make that argument in the context of scientific knowledge and quite another in the absence of scientific knowledge.

The vaccine is introduced into the child, the child then grows and tries to find its own personality, and if this is inhibited by mercury or other substances present in the vaccine which enter the brain, the child becomes gay. The problem will especially be present in the next generations, because when gays have children, the children will carry along with them the DNA of their parent’s illness.
He seems to claim that mercury will cause a mutation causing kids to be gay. Mercury may cause mutations. But it'll destroy your nervous system first - and it's highly unlikely that mercury will target sex-orientation genes, since all genes are made of the same material - DNA.

Also yes, homosexuality is a disease, only if you take the strict definition of a disease to be an abnormality that injures the function of an organism, in this case, the function to reproduce and continue the species - that being the function of life, primarily. But, even the premise that homosexuality hampers sexual function is not entirely true. Take the example of ants, where 99% of the population are unable to mate. We wouldn't consider that to be a dysfunction, but an adaptation. Is homosexuality an adaptation which helps increase the survival of mankind?

Anyways, homosexuality is natural because it occurs in a natural condition. It's not like cyborgs or genetic engineering. And even if the last few guys alive were gay, I'm sure they'd swallow the pill and reproduce anyways, I don't think anybody would be that individualistic and selfish in humanity's dying throes.
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