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@Synthet: I thought and did the same thing. =w=

@Foxrally: A character's appearance tends to reflect their personality if they have the money to be choosy or their history if they're poor (Or at least, it should to some degree), and as such is an essential part of any character. For instance, the character Valorie Ryder presents herself in a flattering manner she believes will please others, and this reflects heavily on her personality.

That being said, a picture is worth a thousand words. I almost never write text descriptions unless I'm describing something particularly interesting about a character's appearance in a post. Fact remains though, you need to put a biiiit more work into your appearance section. The good news is that the rest of your app is good to go!

Neither Megaman nor myself will post replies to an app until we've both talked to eachother over it--unless one of us is missing. It's what generally causes these delays, but that process helps to eliminate mistakes.

@ThatWhiteKid: Approved! Welcome to the roleplay.

@Kanea: Very well. You'll have 3 days to get that suicune dorm app in before the reservation expires.

@Colony: Hmm... The reason we don't throw students arriving later in the day into classes is that when too many RPers are thrust into a small area ICly, people wind up waiting too long for everyone else to post and it just drags everything down. That being said, I'm only aware of 2 of students assigned to Hilda's class having showed up. I suppose it couldn't hurt much... You should be warned that I tend to only post once a day at most. Regardless, go ahead.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~