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    As I explained, here is the idea for one of my towns:

    City Name (Concept): Coir City [link applied] (A city encased in a glass orb, neighbored to a giant freshwater lake and a route. The city itself is known for its size and water filtration)
    Description: Coir is a bustling metropolis that is dirt or contaminate free. The people are lively, happy citizens whom love their home. Pokémon come to relax at the Bliss & Calm Hotel (like a resort day care) and Trainers can shop at the Community Mall. This city is completely encased in a glass orb to protect against the smog of neighboring industrial towns. Even the Gym Leader, Robin Mayfield releases excess oxygen from the waters of neighboring Loden Lake into the air inside the orb so the citizens have fresh air to breathe. Filtration is the major idea of this city.
    Mood & Atmosphere: Definitely a upbeat feel, but with maybe high glass bells and xylophone touches. The atmosphere should be like wind, "flowing air through empty spaces." The mood I consider to be "purification" so you may want to give the XD: Gale of Darkness purification theme a listen for some inspiration. ALSO keep in mind the game this is going to be implemented into is called Pokémon Ambient, so an ambiance feel must also be present.
    Preferred Key: Hmmm.... Something natural, unless you feel empowered it should be flat or sharp. Maybe try C.
    Major/Minor?: Oh yes, Major of course, please.
    Preferred Time Signature: 4/4, just for the enriching feel it can bring.
    Any legendaries you can relate this theme to?: I would have to go with Suicune whom is found at the neighboring Loden Lake. <3
    Other: Please don't rush this idea if you accept the challenge. The music should flow naturally out of your concepts and so should the melody to be catchy enough to want to repeat it. I have been trying to whistle a theme for this city for some time now, but with no permanent success. Let the challenge inspire you to make it the best it can be.

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