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This picked up pretty damn quickly xD
Ok let the quoting begin! Or possibly something less enthusiastic!
Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
I guess this could be adapted as a means to implement a 'quote notification' functionality, if it wouldn't stress the server this way.
In and of itself, a mention system seems... silly. If I wanted someone to see something I would PM them with a link.
Not necessarily. I try to refrain from PMing/VMing people about posts I want them to see because I post a lot of posts I want specific people to see. It would get pretty tiring. Another thing is that with this system, I could keep the mention casual. For example, someone says something and I want them to see my reply. It would be kinda weird to go and PM/VM someone you haven't met just to link them to something you want them to reply to (:
A mention is more casual. They know you mentioned them and if they want to reply they do. Otherwise it would seem pretty weird if someone sent me a link and I didn't reply. I'd feel like I was slapping them in the face.
Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
I prefer mention to quote notification honestly. I would find it obnoxious to have 2343242 notifications of people quoting me for whatever reason, and I'd like to have more control over when I mention someone - what if I'm in a thread and someone says like:

But RL was never part of the conversation. Can't really do that with quote notification. They're separate things. Like squares and rectangles: mentions can be used in the way I outlined and to notify someone that you replied to them, but quote notifications can only be used to notify someone that you replied to them. Makes more sense to have one that can do both over one that can only do one.
That's definitely true! Plus, a lot of people don't even use quotes. In quick threads like DCCs and what not, if you want to reply to the immediate above poster, some people just reply. And as you said, if someone isn't involved in a conversation yet you want them to see a post, it would be either difficult or very awkward just finding a random post of their's and quoting it in your post xD
Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
Yes, please! This would be really helpful, say, in defending our cases or for finding threads where we can contribute or where our opinions, etc. may have relevance.

But then you can't badmouth anyone without them knowing :P

and if PC detects a username, it should auto-mention. Not sure how to get around usernames that are normal words, though (otherwise, someone named "the" would get mentioned soooo much lol), but maybe there's a "smart system" for that coded somewhere.

Otherwise, scratch it :v
Well that's why there would be a BBCode tag! Without wrapping the username with the [mention] tag, the mentioned user won't get a notification. So in your example, 'the' wouldn't get notified unless people tagged 'the' between [mention] tags and that would be kinda weird heh.
Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
So if this were implemented would we get a notification like we do with vms and pms? Would it tell us who mentioned us or what thread we were mentioned in, or would we have to visit the thread to find out?
I guess that's up to if we use a pre-made plugin or if Audy made a custom feature for PC, in which case it would be up to his best judgement ;)
Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
From experience elsewhere, I find quote notifications slightly annoying but they can be useful, too. As far as mentions go, I'm 100% for it; it's a very useful feature for people who forget to look at threads again. I know I forget to check back in certain threads sometimes since there are so many in New Users so it would be immensely helpful for me. :3
Yeah that's true. Not to mention, if you're having a conversation in the DCC and someone keeps quoting you every time they want to reply, you'd be getting a hell of a lot of unwanted and annoying notifications xD
Originally Posted by Kura View Post
I like this idea of a mention! Is there maybe gonna be like in your CP your last 10 mentions? Or will you get a notification for it? Would there then be an option where you could disable those notifications if you didn't want one?

Just some ideas to think of and try and resolve any issues it may bring, but I like this so far!
I think I'd prefer a notification. Don't wanna go away for a week and have only 10 of the mentions I got during said week because the rest don't show up xD Plus we don't want a ridiculously long recorded list of mentions in our UCP, unless Audy has the time to design an automated "delete if viewed" system or whatever. A notification would kinda surpass the need for something like that.

Oh an option to disable them would be great too! Some people don't want all those notifications, should be their decision in a way.

Originally Posted by Ausaudriel View Post
This is on my list. I'm going to rewrite some of the code that handles everyday stuff like sessions and fetching posts to make them more efficient (because vBulletin does some really stupid things). Once that's done it'll be more reasonable to start adding features like this.

Also, we aren't going to install the plugin by DBTech because it puts a really ugly obnoxious footer copyright link even if you pay for the pro version. I'd rather code the relevant parts of it myself and not have the copyright.
YAY! That's great! ^_^
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