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Originally Posted by nomi1993a
wow ur update is looking owsome, and ur added dive feature in firered rom base is appreciable, i loved your tree tiles ,and those flying wingulls are looking stunning. . . .
And as far as critisicsm is concened, i dnt find any thing to criticise
And for suggestion every thing is looking fine for me as,but as iam a tile lover,ur indoor tiles looks owsome but the grass tiles should darken a little otherwise every thing goes fine. . . Just waiting 4 the beta to come.
Thanks! I'm almost always tweaking the colors a bit, so I might mess with the grass a bit more.

Originally Posted by Ash493
Man, this is looking awesome! All those features are really huge plus for this hack =)
Thanks, I've worked hard on getting all these features to work. I have some more ideas for features that I'm working on as well!

Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard
Man, that´s really impressive. Not only graphical but also functional appealing, keep up the awesome work.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple
Wow! amazing update I can smell the Beta creeping closer! For criticism, I do have a minor one.

The green part I circle can do a more natural-looking curve. Other than that, I'm loving the progress! keep it up

I see what you mean about about the curve, but unfortunately I don't think there's anything I can do about it without replacing one of the colors in the palette used for the streetlight tile.

And yes, the beta is much closer with this update. I think I just need to insert a few more things and work on solidifying the storyline before scripting will finally commence. Of course, I have limited time to work so it won't be that quick and easy...