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    You are a normal kid from a normal family in Calgary, AB, Canada. Little did you know that a simple family trip to the world renown Dinosaur amusement park in Isla Nublar could be your last.

    "Hey dad, I see the island!" you exclaim. "Yeah son, that is where Jurassic Park is! I heard they found technology to bring back the long dead dinosaurs. And we were lucky cause John Hammond, the CEO of InGen, has recently created Jurassic Park. Apparently they cloned the dinosaurs by extracting the DNA in amber and fossils," replied your dad.


    "What was that???" you ask. " Its probably nothing," your dad replied, but he sounded worried " I'll go ask the pilot"

    Your dad unlocked his seat belt and went and sat beside the helicopter pilot. "Hey Neill, is everything ok?" "Yeah Alan, its probably nothing, but I think I hit a tree............."



    Your helicopter crashed into the world renown Island Nublar (basically a facility of the ancient dinosaurs that have now been engineered back to life) beside the designated landing area. You regain consciousness only to see your dad getting carried off by pterodactyls! You soon meet John Hammond and, out of desperation and seeing so other way, he gives you these DNA collectors and a baby dinosaur! He says if you kill a dinosaur, that is if you can even survive, you can get its DNA and transfer that DNA to create a new baby dinosaur! You go on a quest to save your father and escape this island.

    DINOSAURS-nuff said
    New region (Obviously)
    No Pokemon
    New Story/plot
    New tiles (possibly)
    Travel in vehicles, boats, and dinosaurs
    And hopefully more!

    Screenshots (So far)

    ^I dont know why this pic is so blurry

    Wesley FG-tiles

    Mapping: 1%
    Scripting: 0%
    Spriting: 1%
    Overall: 0.5%
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