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    Penance 'Madman' Malum - Madman's 'Home'

    Penance cocked his head at Accatosh and how he wanted to know where the leader of the Sentinels was. "Do you live in a bubble? Their leader will be way up near... well you're a smart dragon, you can figure it out. It'll be impossible to charge in there.... unless we know the layout of the building thus why we need a Sentinel!" He nodded. "Righto. Lay it on them Daniel." He said to an Alakazam.

    The Psychic cleared his throat, "We have been speaking via our psychic channel. We are receiving reports from soldiers in the prison that the jail break is according for plan, but luck has smiled on us. Deluge is alone in the area. We are going to port to him, port him to our ambush site and break open his mind. Now... we are also receiving reports from a spy in the city. He's been viewing the Sentinels from afar... his lip reading skills have helped him 'hear' that the Sentinels seem to have located our base."

    Penance nodded, "Zane, you simply have to stand there and focus with the Gold Crystal if you can. The Psychics and I will go into his mind and Hanso you'll have to help us too. Just go in and try to find some corruption and take it out. If though the corruption tries to take you over, port away and get away from the mind as quickly as possible. Once we break him free we'll port back to the city and help with taking down the other Sentinels and if it is possible try to free another mind. Oh... and we'll get plan A in effect, Daniel spread the word. You guys ready? Good, port."

    With that the psychics grabbed hold of the three and in a flash of light they disappeared.


    As the water continued to flood in the Leafeon threw out a few leaves at Deluge. "Get back!" She shouted though there was a flash of light as a Kadabra appeared next to Delgue and grabbed him, "You're coming with me." He stated and in another flash of light the two disappeared. The Leafeon blinked and shook her head, "This way!" She cried out to the Gold Tribe as she bolted to the door they were heading to and pushed it open causing the water to slosh about.

    There was a Gloom there tending to the Mismagius. "She's bleeding out and the poison isn't helping!" He cried out. "We need to get her back to the lair now! Or get some antidote!"

    The Leafeon frowned, "You! Golurk! Grab her! We need to get her down there no-"

    She suddenly blinked then shook her head, "C**p, no time to go back down, plan A is in effect. We head into the city and find a medic. Any of you able to keep her alive till then?"
    Penance 'Madman' Malum - ???

    As the three ported away they would find themselves in the middle of some forested area. "Now... we wait. Get ready all!" The psychics got ready as Penance looked at Hanso, "You ready?" He asked just as the Kadabra and Deluge appeared in the area. "Now!" He shouted.

    Simultaneously the Psychics pushed out with their attacks, hitting Deluge's mind hard and Penance joined in, trying to crack open that mind of his and find that corruption.

    Cape City - It's Time

    The City had other areas which were much quieter at the moment. Various pokemon were hearing what was happening and quickly moving deep into their homes. At the same time some pokemon began to leave houses... and there were a lot of them leaving. Most were small though some looked like they could pack a punch. As they came out it was actually predicated that the Sentinels would start to approach them. Without warning a Dewott suddenly readied a Water Pulse and threw it at a Kabutops... from there, it started. The Ancients came swinging as the various Affiliates readied their own attacks with some holding onto weapons and waited. As the Ancients moved forward there were a series of loud explosions that shook the ground and caused the earth to open up.

    Multiple Ancients fell into the tunnels below as a Pachirisu got onto the rooftops, swinging back and forth a red flag with a black X on it. "For freedom!" He cried out. The Affiliates gave several cheers as they moved throughout the city from their access tunnels. From all over the city the sounds of explosions and battle rang out. The resistance was under way.
    Madman's 'Home' - Plan A

    There were various Affiliates scrambling about now. Many rushing out of the newly dug tunnels with most of them carrying out fully filled bags. There were only a few who weren't leaving. Instead they remained in the main area, silently watching the evacuation. A Dewott spoke up. "So... we had this ready ever since we set up this place. It's a shame."

    A Shinx nodded, "We just need to bide time."

    A Gligar smiled, "Well, it was fun while we had this place eh? So... how soon before they arrive?"

    The Dewott shrugged, "There is a few minutes I suppose. It's ready right?"

    The other pkemon there nodded as the Dewott spoke up again, "Eh... I guess I never though it would happen ya know? I mean... the Goldies never found us before. It's always been a 'what if' you know?"

    Then the words stopped and there was silence as the sounds of the evacuating pokemon slowly died off.