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1. There are 17 legendaries available in Black2/White 2, but you can't have all of them at once if you don't trade/use Memory Link.

2. Cobalion is in Route 13, Virizion is in Route 11, Terrakion is in Route 22, Reshiram/Zekrom are in Dragonspiral Tower (but only if you defeat N in his castle and receive the corresponding stone from him), Kyurem is in Giant Chasm, [email protected] (only 1, depending on the version) are in the Dreamyard, Uxie is in Nacrene City, Azelf is in Route 23, Mesprit is in Celestial Tower (lake guardians are accessible only if you went in Route 20's Cave of Being), Regirock/Regice/Registeel are in the Underground Ruins (initially, Regirock is available, but one of the other two Regis later appears depending on your version), Regigigas is in Twist Mountain (only if you have the other 3 Regis in the team), Cresselia is in Marvelous Bridge (only if you got the Lunar Wing in the Strange House) and Heatran is in Reversal Mountain (only if you got the Magma Stone in Route 18).

3. Google it yourself.

4. That's Pokémon Mystery Dungeon to you. From what I can tell you, there are a lot; too many for me to count. Yes, they're worth buying.

5. Getting Black/White would be good, since they let you see what happened before B2/W2.

6. Seaside Cave, no. Reversal Mountain, yes.