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    Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
    I went out and caught a Geodude as soon as I could, which was much more difficult than I anticipated since it's apparently rare in Platinum.I didn't need to do much grinding.
    You just unknowingly crushed my heart.
    The first and only shiny I ever saw was a Geodude in Platinum right around the first gym too. I accidentally ran because the DS screen wasn't calibrated well.

    Anyways. Heres an update to my adventures.
    Started my Volt white 2 Adventures.
    My team is Golurk Milotic Blaziken Xatu and Magcargo.
    Started game. Named character Time. Chose Snivy.
    Beat Hugh.
    Alder apparently likes checking out new trainers.
    The thing about my team. I can’t use any of them. I can get feebas right off the bat but he can’t use any attacks. The earliest I can get the rest of my team besides slugma is the 3rd gym.
    Blah blah Grinding. Level 13 Snivy.
    Fought Hugh. Beat him. Saved Herdier. Beat Alder’s minions. MINIONS MINIONSSSSSS. got a medal box
    Got Snivy to level 16. Time to challenge the gym.
    Snivy evolved. Yay. That first gym was easy. One shotted everything with Growth + Leaf tornado.
    Obtained super rod and access to Virbank.
    Went back and caught a Feebas. Can’t evolve it till 3rd gym. Because that’s when I get the Prism scale.
    Caught a slugma in the Virbank complex. Trained it to 24 and Beat the gym. It took forever though.