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    Originally Posted by zoroarkrules25 View Post
    Yes, i know that all pokemon get new forms in their own gen which is why a few pages back i said it would constitute a big announcement if one got a new form out of it's gen. Also coro coro has given different info then smash has in a week before, so it could happen again.
    All of the info we have received from CoroCoro has been posted either on the Main Pokemon Site first or airs on Smash. Barely anything relating to Generation 6 has been different between the three sources. Even with Sylveon. We got Main Site Info, CoroCoro and then Smash in which case Smash showed us only what we already knew. Same has happened in reverse when Smash first aired Pokemon X and Y info before CoroCoro after the International news segment.

    I'm not comparing this to what happened with Black and White. I'm not comparing this to what happened with Black 2 and White 2. So far, all three medias give us the exact same info as far as Pokemon X and Y are concerned and none of the three have ever introduced information that was not shared with the other two.

    Therefore what ever airs on Smash will be the highlight of CoroCoro Next week. Likewise all the info we get added to is going to be the bulk of the info we get in CoroCoro. Since the info is so close together this go round, CoroCoro may not even have any news on X and Y at all.

    Like Shining Celebi says, there may be another info drought after this Saturday's info depends on how big it is.